Immunity Booster

​​​​​​​ One of the most effective preventative steps against the flu is vaccination. Another safe and effective treatment in fighting flu is with an effective immunity booster. Supplements that include vitamin C, zinc, Echinacea, garlic, and elderberry extract can assist the immune system in fighting flu. The immune system is the body's defense network. It is the body's defender against harmful germs and diseases. It is a complex system made up of special cells and tissues-mostly white blood cells and lymph nodes-that are always on the alert for danger, always ready to fight off infection. What are Immune Boosters: Immune boosters are those that strengthen the immune system to help fight disease-causing elements such as bacteria. By including them in your routine, you will be less likely to get sick. These boosters mainly cover the foods that you include in your daily diet, as well as your daily habits. By making adapting to your lifestyle and adding things that will protect your immune system, you will be able to enjoy a stress- and disease-free life. No need to start adjusting to your routine. Just include one immune-boosting element at a time until you finally get used to it. The simplest way to start with adjusting your lifestyle is to add and subtract something to your daily diet and habit. Benefits of Immunity Booster: Natural Energy Booster Metabolism & Bones Support Support free optimal health Help to weight loss Lowers the blood pressure How to use: 1 Tablet thrice a day half an hour after breakfast, lunch & dinner. Avoid alcohol and smoking Don’t take on an empty stomach Continue for 3 months Not a prescription medicine All the above-mentioned tips are simple and easy to follow. By incorporating these immune boosters into your routine one at a time, you will definitely enjoy a healthy life.